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Please note that the example-pictures are in Swedish. Your PayPal page will probably be in English or in your native language.

Start by choosing the subscription option that suit your preferences. Click on the PayPal-button directly beneath the alternative you want. You will be able to pay with any of the most popular credit cards or directly with your own PayPal-account (linked to your credit card or available funds).
PayPal is the world’s largest and most secure payment gateway.


If you do not have a PayPal-account, click on the “Pay with a credit card” link, or, “Create a PayPal account”, depending on your country.
Go through the process and make the payment. Your payment will be to JB Consulting (JBC).


After a successful payment, you will be transferred back to our website and greeted with a sign that says that your membership account has been approved.


Click on "Please Register Now (Click Here)", and you will be transferred to the user account creation process.


Please check your e-mail. You should have received an e-mail with your user name and your password. You will also receive a link to the registration process, just in case something went wrong with your internet connection.
If you can’t find an e-mail from us, make sure to check you spam-folder and whitelist any e-mails from the domain

After a successful registration, you will be transferred to the login page. You can also login from any page by using the login-box in the right sidebar.


Enter your user name and password to login. After a successful login, you will be greeted by the Welcome-page. Links to your profile are available in the right sidebar. For added security, please change your password, by clicking on "Edit my profile".