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Archived articles written by Joachim Bartoll from 1998 (only English).

20 03, 1998

A review of Creatine

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A review of Creatine Monohydrate Text: Joachim Bartoll, May 1998 Published at Iron Magazine Online L.L.C. Original title: Creatine Monohydrate (this article was used as reference in several articles and at Universities in the US.)   What exactly is Creatine? Creatine (Cr) is a naturally occurring amino acid found in muscle tissue of humans and animals. It plays an important role in fueling muscles. The human body has [...]

8 02, 1998

A review of CLA

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A review of CLA Text: Joachim Bartoll, februari 1998Publicerad via Iron Magazine Online L.L.C.Originalets titel: CLA   CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid - is not a new discovery. In the late 70’s some scientists at the University of Wisconsin was researching mutagen carcinogenic formations in meat during cooking. By an accident, Michael W. Pariza found a substance in the meat’s fat that counteracted cancer; the substance was identified [...]

23 01, 1998

Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks Text: Joachim Bartoll, januari 1998För Iron Magazine Online L.L.C.Originalets titel: Energy Drinks   Red Bull, Red Kick, Magic, Semtex, Battery, Dark Dog, Lipovitan and Flying Horse are just a few in the flood of Energy Drinks sweeping the market. They’re known as functional foods, not only because of their fantasy-like names, but because you feel an effect after consuming them.So, who are the potential customers one [...]

4 01, 1998

A review of Fish Oil (omega-3)

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A review of Fish Oil (omega-3) Text: Joachim Bartoll, januari 1998Publicerad via Iron Magazine Online L.L.C.Originalets titel: Fish Oil (omega-3)   You might be thinking: "Why should I want to buy fat supplements when everything I hear tells me to reduce my fat intake?"Well, that "reduce your fat intake" is total bullocks and a thing of the past! It's 1998 - it's time to wake up! Actually, if [...]