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Do you love weight lifting? Are you pursuing a strong, lean and muscular body? Or perhaps a fit, healthy and long life? Have you ever opened a bodybuilding or training magazine only to find useless articles repeating the same old, “5 ways to train your biceps” and “10 steps to a 6-pack”. Have you waded through different blogs looking for some useful information, only to be met with excruciating selfies, recipes for ”healthy” foods and advertisements from supposed sponsors?
In that case, you’re far from alone! Welcome to the fitness industry!

What is Classic Muscle Newsletter?

Joachim Bartoll - Classic Muscle Newsletter

The world’s first newsletter appeared in 1538, long before newspapers became the standard medium for news stories. By the early 1900’s, newsletters made a comeback because businesses needed an easy way to deliver specialized information. And that is, in all its simplicity, what a newsletter is – a medium to deliver specific facts and information, without annoying dumbed-down stories and attention-stealing advertisements.
This is what Classic Muscle Newsletter is all about.
A monthly uncensored and independent newsletter in digital form. Every month, we publish 5 to 6 information packed articles – equal to roughly 20 pages of printed text, covering subjects such as nutrition, weight training, fat loss, sports performance, research, health, longevity, and building the body of your dreams! While there is one issue every month, we publish new material about once every other week.

Classic Muscle Newsletter was started in October of 2014 by Joachim Bartoll, who is one of Sweden’s most experienced and renowned fitness-, nutrition- and health experts. As of May 2015, Classic Muscle Newsletter became an International publication, available in English only.

There are three different monthly memberships available. The first level gives you instant access to all archived newsletters as well as more than 250 previously published articles by Joachim Bartoll, dating back to 1997 (1).
If you choose a silver membership you’ll also get access to the training program archive (new training programs are added at intervals) as well as Joachim’s Straight from the Desk; a collection of short informational topics. All training programs are actual templates from programs used by Joachim's clients or used in his research and field-study groups.
There’s also a Gold/VIP-membership, for those of you who would like to join our VIP-forum and discuss various topics directly with Joachim and other likeminded and passionate individuals.

Why Classic Muscle Newsletter is needed – a look at the Fitness Industry

I’ve been active within the fitness industry for more than 25 years, both as a trainer, coach and writer. I’ve written for numerous magazines and publications for more than 20 years and have had more than 280 articles published under my own name. I’ve never accepted any assignment acting as a ghost writer and all my practical articles has been based on my work and experience with clients and athletes in all areas of life.
While this may sound good, there are many problems and restrictions when you work or write for magazines or online publications.

Paper magazines often have their own image to uphold and a specific running theme for each issue. This means that you as a writer get an order for an article with a pre-determined subject, and it usually comes with some strict pointers that will guarantee that it does not stand out, but rather fits with the rest of the contents in that particular issue. On top of those restrictions, you also get a character limit; usually in the range of 5000 to 12 000 characters, with 7000 to 10 000 being the norm for a “full-length” article.
While this can be frustrating at times, the worst problem is censorship and other editorial limitations. The reason is that no magazine can survive on news stand sales or subscriptions alone, they need advertisers to make ends meet, and a lot of them. This scenario makes the content of the magazine tainted by economic interests. They simply can’t publish anything that would anger their advertiser or potential advertiser. It also means, especially for online publications, that publishers will plug products or favor certain ideas and ideals; keeping “bro-science” alive and portraying athletes as superhumans.

Speaking of portraying athletes as machines. There’s also the problem with hidden agendas and policies. One of these are the common use of performance enhancing drugs among all levels of athletes, and especially the elite athletes. While this is true in almost every sport on the planet, most magazines and news outlets keeps the lid on.
One of the problems with this is that the majority of all ignorant writers has been brainwashed with stupid training programs and diets used by juiced up professionals since the birth of bodybuilding magazines back in the 60’s – and they keep on publishing the same trash, year after year.
Because of all these influences, economic interests and politics, their readers will never get the entire truth about nutrition, supplements, and exercise. And that’s the reason I started Ironmag back in 1996, and that is why I launched Classic Muscle Newsletter!

Classic Muscle Newsletter is my own monthly publication where I have free reins to tell the truth, backed by research and +25 years of experience actually working with real people and athletes (both totally naturals and some drug users). Hopefully Classic Muscle Newsletter will be your first choice for independent and uncensored quality information!

Classic Muscle Newsletter – what’s inside?

Classic Muscle Newsletter - Joachim Bartoll

While there are no true "secrets" relating to nutrition and exercise, there are a lot of clever short-cuts that will save time, energy and money. This knowledge is not something you’ll learn during a class or even after working as a trainer for a few years. These tricks, short-cuts and methods are skills and knowledge you acquire after studying daily for more than 25 years, by helping thousands of people reaching their goals, and by working closely with hundreds of different clients from all walks of life.
I’ve already touched on this in many of my earlier articles, blog posts and on various internet forums. But most of it is stuff I previously only shared with a few other coaches and my trainees.

Classic Muscle Newsletter will touch on topics I currently are exploring, working on and experimenting with on various test groups. I will look at new trends and all the latest research, picking out anything that has relevance and can make you a better athlete or trainer. I will also look forward to the horizon at anything that is likely to have an impact within a year or two.
In addition to training and nutrition information, I will look at the latest research and discussion regarding health, life quality and longevity. And I will also cover sports- and nutritional supplements as well as performance enhancing drugs – since PED’s such as Anabolic Steroids are a huge part of professional sports, but also a huge asset for improving life quality in the middle-aged and elderly population.

My goal with Classic Muscle Newsletter is to provide information that is not only interesting and highly readable, but also practical. I guarantee that you will learn something with every issue, and that it will be something that you can immediately apply to your own life.

Save Money with Classic Muscle Newsletter

As a subscriber/member to Classic Muscle Newsletter you’ll receive a 10 % discount at Gymgrossisten and MM Sports. This means that if you live in Sweden or Northern Europe and you buy supplements for more than 55 USD or 450 SEK a month, you will actually get CMN bronze for free and then start saving money! Now, that’s a win-win!


1). Please note that most archived articles are written in Swedish and that online translations services might not do them justice. Issues 1 to 8 of Classic Muscle Newsletter were published in Swedish.