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Welcome to Joachim Bartoll’s Classic Muscle Newsletter and Article Archive – the world’s premiere fitness, health and bodybuilding information website! No fluff and no advertisements! Uncensored and independent!

This information archive contains most articles published by Joachim from 1997 to today, including the complete contents of Classic Muscle Newsletter. All new articles by Joachim will be published and archived on this website a few weeks after they have been featured in a magazine. There will also be new articles, training programs and research reviews exclusive to this website

The Article Archive – What’s Inside?

Joachim Bartoll - Classic Muscle Newsletter

The article archive contains almost all of Joachim’s previously published articles, from way back in the 90’s and up to today (more than 340 articles as of September 2017.) This includes all 35 issues of Classic Muscle Newsletter and more than 20 proven training programs.

All my articles and programs are based on real world experience and what actually works. While there are no true "secrets" relating to nutrition and exercise, there are a lot of clever short-cuts that will save time, energy and money. This knowledge is not something you’ll learn during a class or even after working as a trainer for a few years. These tricks, short-cuts and methods are skills and knowledge you acquire after studying and working daily for more than 25 years – by helping thousands of people reaching their goals, and by working closely with hundreds of different clients from all walks of life.
I’ve already touched on this in many of my earlier articles, blog posts, and on various internet forums. As for the articles published in Classic Muscle Newsletter, most of the information is stuff I previously only shared with a few other coaches and my trainees.

In addition to training and nutrition information, you will also find reviews of the latest research and discussions regarding health, life quality and longevity. There are also a lot of articles covering sports- and nutritional supplements as well as performance enhancing drugs – since PED’s, such as Anabolic Steroids, are a huge part of professional sports, but also a huge asset for improving life quality in the middle-aged and elderly population.

Classic Muscle Newsletter

Classic Muscle Newsletter - Joachim Bartoll

Classic Muscle Newsletter was a monthly uncensored and independent newsletter in digital form, published by Joachim Bartoll during 2014 to 2017 with a total of 34 editions. Each edition contained 5 to 7 information packed articles – equal to roughly 25 pages of printed text – covering subjects such as nutrition, diet, strength, fat loss, sports performance, research, health, longevity, and building the body of your dreams! The first 9 editions were written in Swedish, and in May 2015, Classic Muscle Newsletter became an International publication, available in English only.

Training programs

All training programs are actual real-life programs used by Joachim’s clients and many of them was tested and revised during long-term field studies. They’re all easy to follow and contains both instructions and explanations to how and why you do each exercise, technique, and so on.

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1). Please note that most archived articles are written in Swedish and that online translations services might not do them justice. Issues 1 to 8 of Classic Muscle Newsletter were published in Swedish.